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Your child’s journey to be a Maestro starts here…

With our different music programs and lessons for children with varying degrees of motivations and interest, there will be a lesson for every child…

Is your child ready for music lessons yet?

Every child is different. At Musicking Maestros, we recommend that the best age to start formal instrumental music lessons is from 5 years old.

However, not all children are psychologically or developmentally ready for a 30 min individual lesson on an instrument at this age.

This is why at Musicking Maestros, we offer various music programs such as Kindermusik Musicians, Kidzrock or Junior Keyboard Maestros


Click on each program name to find out more about the programs.


If you are unsure about what program or classes suit your child, please contact us so that we may assist you.

Group Lessons or Private Lessons?

Why Group Lessons?

  1. Your child is starting out and you are unsure of his/ her interest yet.

  2. You want a low cost, but value-for-money music lessons for your child.

Benefits of Group Lessons

1. Value for money-

Start your child’s musical journey in the best way possible at a lower cost. We ensure that our group classes are structured with a quality curriculum. Check out our KEYBOARD MAESTROS program or KIDZROCK.


2. It’s fun making music with others-

Making music with others is one of the factor that keeps a child going with their lessons. In our group classes, we ensure that we provide many different opportunities to make music together. 


3. Developing social skills-

Group lessons provide opportunity for developing  skills such as teamwork and cooperation. 

Why Individual Lessons?

  1. Your child is very motivated and has shown evidence of working a  piece of music independently.

  2. Your child has shown aptitude for music such as ability to play by ear.

  3. Your child is ready to take their instrument skill to another level.

Benefits of Individual Lessons

Catering to individual needs and goals-

Our suitably qualified teachers will be able to provide guidance to ensure that your child grows with their instrumental skills.

Musicking Maestros 

Parental/ Caregiver Involvement

At Musicking Maestros, we believe in working closely with the parents in the child’s journey. 

Our parents are strongly encouraged to be involved during the child’s lessons as much as possible, from taking lesson notes, performing with the child, assist in concerts and many more. We believe that the child’s Musicking success starts from home.

Our parents can also learn with their child in group lessons as well as receiving specific and manageable advice on how to support the child in their practice at home.

Our Musicking Opportunities


Music Programs for
0 to 5 Years

Our multi-level  KINDERMUSIK classes develops your child’s social, language, emotional, motor skills through music and movement as well as building your child’s musical knowledge and concepts.


Introductory Group Music Lessons

If your child is not ready for formal music lessons, enrol in our KINDERMUSIK MUSICIANS or KIDZROCK

Get your child playing an instrument, or just enjoy learning music without the seriousness of a formal instruction.


Music Lessons for Aspiring Maestros

Join our Group Keyboard Maestros classes (for 5 to 12 years) if you want a fun, engaging, value for money program for your child.

Or enrol in 1 to 1 instrumental classes if your child is motivated to be a committed Musicking Maestro!

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