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Develop and Boost your Preschooler creativity, imagination as well as cooperative play with Music

(3 - 5 Years) Curriculum

What do preschoolers do in this music class?


We do more than just singing, playing instruments and movement. In our Kindermusik Level 3 class, we provide opportunities for sound exploration, creative play, ensemble (teamwork) development and many more. Children will continue to develop their vocabulary, reading skills, as well as school readiness while enjoying making music with others.


What to expect…

Ensemble Development

All together now! Level 3 students will play simple patterns as a group, building the tools they will need to create music in an ensemble.

Pre-reading Music

Take it one symbol at a time. Preschoolers will begin to learn to interpret graphic notation symbols in comparison to sounds, which is a precursor to reading music.

Creative Expression

What do you think? Through creative play, 3-5-year-old students learn to safely express their feelings and ideas through movement and music.

Instrument Play

“Da-dum-da-dum!” Your child will play a variety of instruments, emphasising on steady beat, repeated rhythm patterns, and graphic notation.


What you’ll learn…

Language Understanding

Level 3 students gain a wider vocabulary and knowledge of story structures and learn how to decode and interpret symbols.


Preschoolers show a growing ability to memorise and recall information, and present increased attention and focus.

Listening and Sound Recognition

Children are able to detect patterns, nuances, and timbre in different sounds they hear.


Level 3 students will learn to wait patiently, take turns, work cooperatively in a group, and communicate effectively and respectfully.

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