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Bring your child’s music to another level

Develop your child’s musical instrumental proficiency with us in our individual instrumental lessons

Why do individual lessons with us?

  • We develop a flexible approach in your child’s learning needs. Every child has their unique ‘superpowers’ and we aim to find out your child’s strengths and work to their strengths, as well as developing their ‘limitations’.

  • Goal Oriented Focus- We help your child to set their specific practice goals and realistic goals each week to ensure that your child knows exactly what to work on at home. We believe that through specific direction in practice, your child will have a purpose at home to practice instead of just the usual ‘practice routine’.

  • Parent as an important educator at home- We believe in the importance of working very closely with parents for their child’s success in music, especially for the younger age. Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in their child’s lesson so that they have a real time feedback on what their child is working on.

Is your children bored of their ‘method books’ in lessons?

Most method books focus on reading music notation at the start. While we acknowledge that reading music is important, we believe children will read when they are ready.

We adopt a process-based approach in our lessons, where listening and developing musical memory is equally important.


  Nurturing a whole musical child who is capable of developing a musically sensitive ear  is one of our main focus in lessons.

More than just Music Exams

While we encouraged taking music exams as a goal setting opportunity, we do not teach just ‘enough’ repertoire to pass the exam.

We will ensure that our students do have the requirements to pass the exams before moving on to the next grade. This means that our students will be exposed to a variety of repertoire before moving on.

Our focus for learning music in our lessons is to perform a music to the highest possible standard that is achievable by your child.

Instruments We Teach

We offer the following instruments:

  1. Piano

  2.  Violin

  3. Viola

  4. Cello


Lessons are offered in 20minutes (for younger children), 30minute, 45minutes and 60 minutes. 

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