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Develop and Nurture the ‘Mozart’ in your child…

Using a sound teaching approach for very young children, we hope to nurture the next Mozart in your child with our Mini Mozart Piano Course designed for 3.5 years to 5 years old.

Building strong foundations for piano learning…

Our unique curriculum focuses on building sound piano techniques, musical appreciation, developing musicianship and foster your preschooler’s creativity and imagination through story, movement, and imitation.

Our curriculum is written by an experienced renowned piano pedagogue for very young children, whom our teachers are currently undergoing training with to deliver the best outcome for your child.  

Child Playing Piano

Is your child ready for formal piano lesson yet?

We want your child to be ready for formal instruction at this young age. Therefore, a pre-lesson interview is required to assess your child’s readiness to receive formal piano instruction.

Here are some of the criteria we look for:

1. Attention span of your child

2. Child’s ability to follow instructions

3. Environmental and parental support at home

4. Musical aptitude and attitude of child

5. Parents’ aims of receiving formal piano instruction at young age for their children

Using the above criteria during pre-interview, we will provide some feedback about your child’s readiness for formal instructions. Subject to lesson availability, we may refer you to a different program such as Kindermusik or request that you delay formal instrumental instruction.

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