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Musicking Maestros- Nurturing Musical Minds

Started off as a home based music studio providing only one-to-one piano, violin, viola and cello lessons only to children from 2016, we have expanded our services to offer quality music education programs such as group keyboard lessons in 2022 and a fully accredited Kindermusik Program in 2023.

We are currently looking into moving away from a home based studio to a suitable commercial space, as well as expanding our team to provide our music education services to more children in the Darwin and Palmerston region.

We are passionate about providing only the best music education for your child and would like to see your child grow musically with us.

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Our Vision, Mission &

Our vision is to make quality music education accessible for all children so that they can experience the social, developmental, physical and emotional  benefits of a quality music education.

Inspired by Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy “Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Tone”, our mission is to nurture every young person to be beautiful, strong people of the world through music. 

We can accomplish our vision and mission through providing quality music programs that focuses on child development and well being as well as collaborating and educating caregivers to support their child’s creative and musical journey.

Nurturing Musical Minds

We believe that a quality music education not only develops the child’s musical mind, but their overall physical, social, and emotional being.

In our classes and programs, we work closely with you, as a parent or caregiver, to support your child’s creative, musical and overall development.

We are consistently looking and searching for music programs for your child that helps in your child’s overall development, not just in music.

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