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Powerful Learning through Music, Movement and Play

Let your child’s musical journey begin with our fully accredited KINDERMUSIK Program from birth to 7 years old

Why choose

Kindermusik Accredited Program

Tried and Tested Curriculum

Kindermusik has been one of the world’s leading researched based Music and Movement curricula for early childhood years since its inception in 1978.


 Developmental-age Class with the Goal of Helping Children to Reach Developmental Milestones

 One of the unique features is that the class is divided to the child’s developmental age. Each Kindermusik class is designed to help children to truly enjoy the activities and appropriate relevant developmental milestones.


Qualified Music Educators

 All Kindermusik Educators have to undergo a rigid assessment and training to offer the program. You can be assured that our Kindermusik Educators are the best to support your child to reach their developmental milestones.

Activities and learning Continue at Home

When you sign up for a Kindermusik level, you are also given access to the Kindermusik digital materials where you can continue the activities at home with your child.


What will my child experience in Kindermusik classes?

Every level is structured differently due to the age of the child. However, these are the elements that makes the Kindermusik Experience unique.


Hello and Goodbye Ritual

This is a structured routine that helps your child to settle and feel safe in the class.


Singing, Dancing and Musical Play

You’ll experience age appropriate themes with engaging and relevant songs, stories, activites and movement that inspire imagination and creativity.

After-Class Family Support

Educators explain what your child is learning and equip you with at-home music and activities to continue the experience and reinforce the joy where ever you are.

A Fee Structure that reflects
the needs of the developing child

We understand that your child sleep pattern changes, or they may fall ill regularly while attending day care.


Our unique Kindermusik Pricing Plan* provides a generous amount of sick credits** to be used in the event of illness or unexpected circumstances. If your child is fortunate to be well throughout the year, you may also enjoy discounted rates for being healthy throughout the year.


*Pricing plans only applies from Foundations to Level 4.

**Terms & Conditions apply.

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