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More than just an ordinary group piano lesson…

Our Keyboard Maestro Program offers a structured and goal focused curriculum, combined with movement, singing, percussion playing and many more…

Sequential Curriculum with a clear purpose…

Our Group keyboard program curriculum is written with the purpose of bringing the students to a recognisable graded standard in the Australian Music Examination Board standard.

The repertoire in the book has a clear purpose, and our skilled educator will also reinforce the purpose of each work.

Never a boring moment

Your child will not be sitting down at the keyboard for the full 30 to 60 minute lesson*.

Each class is filled with various activities to reinforce concepts taught during the lesson.

Making music together is one of the main focus in this program, building their ability to play and perform together as a group, keeping the group engaged as long as possible.

*Duration depends on the size of the class.

Say ‘No’ to high individual music lesson fees

Our group lessons are value for their money. Apart from learning the piano, your child develops other areas of Musicking such as ensemble playing, theory and fun listening activities- something which you may not get in an individual piano session.

In addition, you, as a caregiver/ parent will also get an opportunity to learn wth your child as well as some practical tips on supporting your child with his/ her home practice.

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