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Inspire and Nurture your wide-eyed toddler’s creativity, curiosity and independence

With our KINDERMUSIK LEVEL 2 (2 TO 3 YEARS) Curriculum

What should older toddlers do in a music class?


We do more than just singing and dancing. In our Kindermusik Level 2 class, we provide opportunities for older toddlers to express their own ideas and explore their creativity. Children and their parents or caregivers sing, dance, learn new vocabulary, and play instruments, all while problem-solving to the beat.

What to expect…

Identifying Sounds

“Oink! Oink!” Older toddlers will experience new sounds by vocally imitating and identifying them, and will learn to associate a picture with a sound.

Musical Concepts

From rhythm sticks to sandblocks, you and your little one will discover new instruments together, learn how they make sounds, and experience new musical concepts.

Language Patterns

“What comes next?” You and your child will sing songs with recognisable language patterns that explore rhythm, speech sounds, syntax, and rhyme.

Movement and Socialisation

Hop! Spin! Tiptoe! Level 2 children will explore more complex movement concepts while learning to move and interact with others.


What you’ll learn…

Whole Body

Muscles used for posture and balance strengthen and toddlers gain alertness, self-control, and the ability to regulate movement.

Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers strengthen their finger and hand muscles, which increases fine motor skills needed to write.

Cognitive Development

With repetitive songs and rhymes, toddlers strengthen their ability to memorise, sequence, and predict patterns.

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