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The PERFECT lead-in to instrumental music lessons

A structured program in our KINDERMUSIK MUSICIANS (5-7 years) that prepares your child for formal music lessons in the future 

Why are Kindermusik Musicians classes the perfect lead-in to private music lessons for kids?


In Kindermusik Musicians classes, we aim to create a  joyful, encouraging team environment that help your child build a true love for music. In addition, Kindermusik Musicians classes teach children how to read musical notation, play instruments such as the recorder and glockenspiel, providing opportunity for children to explore new genres, and providing the tools they need to succeed in future instrument-specific music lessons.


What to expect

Music Concepts

Feel the beat! Kindermusik Musicians students experience steady beat, rhythm, and melody through listening, moving, singing, playing instruments, and more

Auditory Discrimination

Clear, flat, metallic, warm...children develop the ability to listen to music and sound while paying close attention to differences in pitch and the instrument timbre.

Ensemble Experience

“Everybody ready?” Students participate in activities involving instrument ensembles, vocal ensembles, and group dancing.

Instrument Play

Through their knowledge of music notation, children learn how to play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder.

Music Class

What you’ll learn


Kindermusik Musicians students can identify specific sounds in words and have an increased awareness of the rhythmic structure of language.

Music Notation

Children develop the ability to read music notation and use it to play an instrument or sing.

Physical Development

Through the awareness of steady beat, meter, and rhythm, Kindermusik Musicians students develop coordination.

School Readiness

The understanding of music concepts benefit in problem-solving, creativity, team participation, and more.

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