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Quality Music Education
Nurtures the Mind

Nurture and inspire your child’s imagination, creativity and musical ability

Music Lessons with a

Unsure about your child’s readiness to learn music or a musical instrument?

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of music classes that makes your child’s first exposure to music a positive experience.

Celebrating every Musicking 

From your infant’s first developmental milestone, to your toddler’s first words, to your child’s first music performance or their achievements in music exams, we are committed to support and celebrate your child's growth in their music making process and journey.

“Mr Tan’s teaching style is very unique and efficient. He teaches according to the student’s strengths and understands the struggles of every student. Mr Tan tries to help students grow as a musician and as a person. I have learnt more from Mr Tan than I have learnt from other teachers. These are the lessons I will remember for the years to come.”

Dayna Tyrie, Cello Student

Our Musicking Opportunities


Music Programs for
0 to 5 Years

Our multi-level  KINDERMUSIK classes develops your child’s social, language, emotional, motor skills through music and movement as well as building your child’s musical knowledge and concepts.


Introductory Group Music Lessons

If your child is not ready for formal music lessons, enrol in our KINDERMUSIK MUSICIANS or KIDZROCK

Get your child playing an instrument, or just enjoy learning music without the seriousness of a formal instruction.


Music Lessons for Aspiring Maestros

Join our Group Keyboard Maestros classes (for 5 to 12 years) if you want a fun, engaging, value for money program for your child.

Or enrol in 1 to 1 instrumental classes if your child is motivated to be a committed Musicking Maestro!

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